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Tags And Titles

If you purchase a car from someone, we collect the sales tax, title fees, and handle the registration work. Whether you need a temporary registration plate for 30 days until your car is inspected or you need a permanent one- or two-year registration, the professionals at Maryland Tag & Title Services will take care of it all. Duplicate titles, registration plates, and tags are also available.

We can transfer tags from one vehicle to another, too. You can turn in your old tag to us, receive a receipt, and cancel your insurance immediately. We can also get your driving records and help in the change of address process.

Have any questions? Reach out to us at (410) 272-9295. If we happen to miss your call, we'll get back to you by the next business day.

Let Us Help You With Your Mobile Home Closing Process

Maryland Tag & Title Services can assist you with your mobile home closing. We handle all the necessary paperwork, and secure the lien against the home. We make a tedious process painless for our customers.

We can refer you to a bank that specializes in mobile home loans. Get in touch with us today for more details.